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PROJECT: FW16 La Vie En Rose campaign.

ROLE: Creative Director, Production Designer,


Campaign for BCALLA's Fall-Winter 2016 collection: La Vie En Rose. The campaign was presented on a custom microsite (with a nod to vintage Internet aesthetics) along with sendable Valentine e-cards.

The microsite has been recreated here.

Models: Pearl, Melanie Gaydos, Richie Shazam, Maya Monès, George Mott, Peter B Staples, & NEOCAMP.

Art direction, production design and photography: Michael Burk. Makeup: Raisa Flowers. Hair: William Scott Blair.

Photo assistant: Fred Attenborough. Production assistants: Lauren Nahigian, Sam Sikanas, Leon Schrager, & Blanca.

Web design: John Simpson. Eyewear: BCALLA x ISLYNYC.

Custom pup mask, bow­tie head cage and fur jockstrapDick & Virgil. 

bcalla fw16 melanie gaydos
bcalla fw16 pearl drag queen pearliaison
bcalla fw16 neocamp maya mones
bcalla fw16 melanie gaydos
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