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Macy's Marketing Group

Iris Meets I·N·C​

Art Director, Designer

In the summer of 2016, Macy's brand I·N·C partnered with style icon Iris Apfel to launch an exclusive collection of women's clothing and accessories.
As part of the launch, the Macy's marketing team created an Iris emoji keyboard, which was carried throughout their marketing materials and social media posts. I worked with Caryle Cruz and Dan Pasky (creator of the Iris emoji), to create fun and quirky promotional materials for the collection.

Above: Press & Marketing lookbook for Iris Meets I·N·C collection. Layout & design by Michael Burk. Hover <> for more.

Above: Animated gifs for Iris Emoji keyboard and social media posts. Designed by Michael Burk. Hover <> for more.

Above: Invitation for press luncheon to celebrate the Iris Meets I·N·C collection launch. Design, concept & copy by Michael Burk.

I·N·C + Popsicle
In the summer of 2017, Macy's brand I·N·C International Concepts partnered with Popsicle to create a limited edition line of men's and women's clothing and accessories.
Working from classic Popsicle color schemes and Pop Art sensibilities, I created a sickeningly-sweet world of color and quirk to showcase this unique collaboration, which included a printed mailer, emoji keyboard, and special in-store events.


Above: Emojis for the I·N·C + Popsicle Emoji keyboard and social media posts. Designed by Michael Burk. Hover <> for more.

The Iris Apfel collaboration was carried over into the 2016 holiday season with an exclusive gift collection, Iris' Gifts for I·N·C, which included items like a neon lucite Jenga puzzle, rainbow-colored popcorn, glitter slippers, and oversized plastic bangles.

Taking cues from the products as well as the in-store display, I worked with simple, geometric shapes and a bold color palette to create fun and poppy materials for online promotion of the gift collection.

Right: Animated announcement for the Iris' Gifts for I·N·C gift collection launch.

Above: Graphics for social media promotion. Hover <> for more.

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